Tarian Healthcare Security Provider offers specialized programs designed to meet the needs of hospital and healthcare organizations. Our programs ensure that all regulatory requirements are met while offering value-added security solutions. Tarian Healthcare Division is more than a security company. We’re your security-plus partner, working directly with you to assure complete safety and excellence throughout your hospital or healthcare facility.

Our Healthcare Security Provider will not let you down!

Tarian Healthcare Security Division can provide the following specialized programs:

  • Patient Watch (sitter/PSA programs)
  • Security specializing in the ER and Psych Units
  • Augment existing in -house security department
  • Facility escorts and security patrols
  • Assisted living access control and resident escorts
  • Rehabilitation Center Security
  • Hospital security-sensitive areas

Your Trusted Partner

Tarian Healthcare division prepares our security officers the ability to handle situations to the healthcare field, including:

    • Healthcare regulatory compliance, standards and protocols
    • Mental health and drug or alcohol-related patients
    • Crisis prevention
    • Management of aggressive behavior
    • Fire safety
    • De-escalation skills
    • Report writing and investigations
    • Customer service in healthcare
    • Defusing assaultive behavior
    • Entrance and exit control
    • CPR and AED certification

      Tarian Security provides the healthcare field with quality and added vale while bringing you unsurpassed safety and security solutions to help manage risks and reduce your costs. Whether you need a director, a whole security department or just an augmentation, Tarian healthcare division has you covered. We’re committed to the protection of your staff and patients and we look forward to discussing how we can partner with you.

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