At Tarian, we consider our employees to be our greatest asset. If you are interested in growing your career as a security professional, we are dedicated to providing you with top notch training to become the best in the industry. With our above-industry-average retention rate, we are committed to inclusive, supportive, and positive experiences for all our personnel, and we encourage you to apply for any of our open positions.


“Looking for a job with flexible hours, with the ability to make your own schedule, where you can pick your own work-location, and that has the most competitive rate in the industry, then Tarian is worth a look. Tarian is a local event staff and security company that checks all those boxes. Did I mention that the company is pandemic-proof? There have been a host of part-time and full-time opportunities that have kept the team busy during these unfortunate times.”

Command Supervisor

“I have been working for Tarian for several years, and my experience with this great company has been nothing but professional growth, strong collaboration, mutual respect from my colleagues, and strong encouragement by management and senior staff. I’m happy to have the opportunity to service our clients at a hundred and ten percent with professional commitment and true dedication to what we do. There is never a dull day at work. I’m looking forward to the future with this company and the endless opportunities and growth that it provides.”

Patrick Rowe (Redstone, Metropolitan Concierge)

“Tarian is a great service provider to work for. Working as an Tarian Concierge has helped me to interact with people with many different sets of personalities better than before. I’ve learned how to improve my interpersonal skills, especially my professional communication.”

Jimmy Nguyen(On Call, Metromark, XII Stonehom Concierge)

“Working for Tarian is great. It is a very professional and friendly environment.”

Joel Melo(Metromark Concierge)

“The scope and diversity of Tarian’s events inventory is unmatched. Staff has the ability to work some of the preeminent local events including the Red Sox games, the Boston Marathon, the Head of the Charles Regatta, locally-made movie set security, local beer fests, professional PGA golf tournaments, and local college sporting events, concerts and special events. There are, of course, the more traditional security opportunities within the hospitals, hotels, retail and construction industries.”

Tarian Event Staff

“After 16 years, I am still very much enjoying my time as a part-time Tarian individual contributor, and look forward to the resumption of our full menu of events.”

Tarian Event Staff

“I have a good relationship of mutual respect with each of my supervisors. Even though they have very different personalities, I feel like we are all working toward common goals, no matter who I’m working with that shift. That’s another thing I don’t feel like I’m just working for them, but working with them instead.”

Tarian Event Staff

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